Why should i buy Frazer and Haws silver?

Unique in its style, Frazer and Haws offers a wide range of designs suitable for all occasions. Each completely hand crafted design is a story in itself. The mixed media collection such as the terracotta range is unparalleled. A fusion style, with hints ofthe English legacy has become a trademark of the brand. It is after all an English brand with an Indian Soul.

Where can I buy Frazer and Haws silver?

Frazer and Haws silver is only available at exclusive boutiques at Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Jodhpur. The details of the addresses and telephone numbers are available in the contacts page.

How can I place an order through the website?

The Website has a query form on the contacts page. You can either fill that and submit or e-mail us your query or call us to tell us your requirements. We will get back to you at the earliest.

What Is the purity of Frazer and Haws silver?

All Frazer and Haws products are made in sterling silver or silver 925 indicating the purity of silver being 92.5%. Sterling silver is the international standard of purity that is used globally. Pure silver that is 100% is highly malleable i.e. very soft and can be easily damaged while using the product. Hence copper to the tune of 7.5% is added to it to make sterling silver alloy which is relatively harder without compromising its luster. It is important to understand that the small amount of copper added has little effect on the price as compared to the labor and skills of the craftsperson involved.

How can I ensure lhe authenticity ol the sliver product that I'm buying?

All Frazer and Haws products have a unique stamp that consists of three symbols. The first symbol is FH indicating that the product has been made by Frazer and Haws. The second symbol is of the lotus indicating that the purity is sterling silver. The third symbol stands for the year of manufacturing, for instance 'L' for 2007. This stamp is the stamp of authenticity.

How is buying at Frazer and Haws different?

Any Product purchased at Frazer and Haws is packed in cushioned boxes unique to the product, and further placed in a Frazer and Haws carry bag. A guarantee card with all details of the product being purchased is placed along with the product. Frazer and Haws also provides a special gift wrapping service if required

How can I personalize my Frazer and Haws silver?

You can personalize your silver by getting a name, logo or a special message engraved or etched on the silver product. This can be done at a nominal extra cost which is based on the text matter. The decision that the product is engraved or etched is based on product surface and can only be decided by the sales person in charge.

I have a design idea In mind. Can Frazer and Haws make it for me?

Frazer and Haws provides a unique service of customized manufacturing. The design team works on the designs based on the inputs provided by the client in terms of financial parameters and style required. The client is provided scaled drawings to choose from. The chosen design is then crafted in Sterling silver. It must be understood that changes can happen during the manufacturing stage based on the practicalities of manufacturing.

What If I have to send the product to a different city or country?

All products are packed in unique foam fitted boxes to avoid any damages during transit. It is also possible to send products to select cities in India at an extra courier charge.

Does Frazer and Haws silver turn black with time? How do I take care of my silver?

(1) It is not silver that does not tarnish! All sterling silver products turn black or tarnish with time due to the oxidants and sulphur compounds in our environments. However, Frazer and Haws silver has been uniquely treated so that it does not tarnish for a long time. The products meant for pooja and eatables are not treated chemically. You can easily take care of your silver by handling it carefully while cleaning. It should only be cleaned with a silver cleaning solution or a silver polishing cloth softly. Vigorous rubbing or scrubbing or washing with normal utensil cleaning solutions can damage the surface luster.
(2) To save yourself from all this trouble just send it to us and your silver will be returned to you with the look of the brand new since Frazer and Haws provides the unique service of free maintenance to all customers.
If you still have some questions unanswered, please feel free to send us your query. We will promptly get back to you.